Access to development

Improved, smart practices in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene reduce the risk of disease, improving the productivity and income of millions of families.

Powering development

We are helping to build a sustainable renewable energy sector in Cambodia while reducing poverty too.

Feeding development

By working with key actors in the agricultural value chain, SNV empowers Cambodian farmers to make a better living.

First commune to be open defecation free

SNV aims to help a whole district gain access to sanitation. Read more...

Launching clean cooking in Cambodia

SNV is promoting the most effective advanced clean cook stoves and renewable biomass fuels. Read more...

Introducing research directly to farmers

SNV turns the science of chemical fertiliser trials into a reality for smallholders. Read more...

Latest news

For SNV’s Functionality of Rural Water Supply Services programme in Cambodia, it is important to know why supplies aren't functioning before you can fix them. A recently-completed survey sheds light on the situation and paves the way for using evidence to guide smart development.
It has been a busy two months as we’ve worked with government partners to collect, enter, check and analyze data about the water supply all 38 villages in our target district, Chum Kiri.
Today, as part of the Advanced Clean Cooking Solutions (ACCS) project, SNV Cambodia is launching a new website on advanced clean cooking.
SNV and partners held a half-day dialogue at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) to discuss the outcomes of scientific fertilizer trials and how to make them work for farmers and help the environment.
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Homepage photos by Nicolas Axelrod & Thomas Christofoletti / Ruom for SNV


From our almost 50 years of experience in development, we have found that combining the right approaches can create real improvements and lasting change in the lives of millions.

In Cambodia, we tailor solutions to the local context and address people’s real needs. We aim to change the underlying systems that that keep poverty in place, and give people the tools to guide their own development.

Hand-in-hand with local actors, SNV Cambodia is working to:

“Without addressing how decisions are made and how these are implemented, development efforts remain meaningless. Governance should be in our DNA.”

Wilbert Schouten, SNV Cambodia Country Director



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