Renewable Energy

Over 2.7 billion people worldwide face energy poverty. We connect households and communities to sources of renewable energy, helping power the journey from poverty to prosperity.

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Over 2.6 billion people around the world are directly dependent on Agriculture for their livelihoods. We work to ensure families living in poverty see the greatest possible benefit from their land and their work.

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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Access to improved water, sanitation and hygiene precedes all human and economic development. SNV works to ensure that the people who need it most have access to safe drinking water and sanitation services.

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We improve people's access to safe water and basic sanitation, and promote good hygiene practices. Read more

Renewable Energy

We help increase sustainable access to biogas for cooking, lighting and increase the income of the users and service providers in the chain. Read more.


We help to increase producer's incomes by building their technical and organisational capacities. Read more

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 MTN Benin and the Power out of Poverty Partnership pass a milestone of 10,000 new solar products sold since

 The most of the organisations which support the development of enterprises have learned over the years   

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Area: 112,622 km²
Capital: Porto-Novo
Population : 8.9 millions people (2009)
Share of main sectors in GDP: Agriculture: 36% (Primary), Industry: 14% (secondary), Services: 50% (tertiary)


SNV has been on the ground in Benin since 1970, providing development solutions that have evolved in-line with the countries changing environment and needs. During this time our organisation has built trusted relationships with government, non-profit and commercial partners, based on a track record of collaboration and achieving quality outcomes. SNV’s long history in Benin is a testament to our strong commitment to this country; a commitment that we will continue into the future.

SNV Benin works hand-in-hand with local and international partners to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods by building the skills and capabilities of local individuals and organisations. We specialise in three broad sectors comprising agriculture, renewable energy and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), along with cross-cutting programmes in gender and governance for empowerment.

Our wide range of services offered includes advisory, knowledge networking, evidence-based advocacy and value chain development. We believe in inclusive growth and local capacity development as essential elements for providing long-lasting development success.

The SNV Benin head office is located in Cotonou and our activities are coordinated by Country Director, Mrs Brigitte DIA.

Contact details

SNV Benin, Zone Résidentielle, Camp Guézo
Rue 5 102 & Porte N° 225
01 B.P. 1048 Cotonou
Téléphone : +229 21 313142/312122
Fax : +229 21 31 35 59

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