Inclusive Business

SNV´s work in Inclusive Business (IB) in Bolivia includes an IB model in which Maya Products buys goat milk from small producers to make goat cheese. 

Inclusive Forestry

SNV contributes to sustainable forestry and improved livelihoods through establishing equitable relationships between forestry communities and companies.

Water and Sanitation

SNV promotes solutions that are ecological and improve access to sanitation for peri-urban and rural areas. 

Video (ES): Ecological toilets change lives

Latest news

The SNV Work Experience Certification Program provides the inhabitants of Chaco in Bolivia with both practical and theoretical knowledge in different areas.
SNV and partners join forces to discuss the future of sustainable water and sanitation services in Bolivia.
The World Environment Day, whose main objective is to raise awareness in society about the importance and necessity of implementing the concept of sustainable development.The former, to preserve the environment and, at the same time, to reaffirm the social commitment with nature and its resources.
Last May, as part of the project "Training Young Entrepreneur for the Implementation of Decentralized Sanitation Solutions", two workshops for Young Entrepreneurs were conducted. These events helped train at a technical level, more than 80 young entrepreneurs on the implementation of projects of decentralized sustainable sanitation, with emphasis on composting toilets. These young entrepreneurs were endowed with both theoretical and practical knowledge and tools to generate business opportunities and sources of employment.
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Bolivia was the first Latin American country where SNV began operations, with work dating back to 1965.  With a solid portfolio in governance, forestry, technical and vocational education, water and sanitation, and agriculture, SNV has established strong relationships with government entities, donors, and the NGO community. Our current Bolivia staff includes over 20 full time professionals and a network of more than 100 consultants and local organizations.

In addition to our main office in La Paz, SNV has project offices are located in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and Sucre. Learn more...

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