Monitoring sanitation and hygiene infrastructure at commune level through mobile phones

With its long history of supporting decentralization and governance, through the set-up of mechanism for multi stakeholder dialogue, capacity development and change process facilitation, SNV Burkina Faso developed in 2013 a participative tool for monitoring saniation and hygiene infrastructure in 5 communes of Burkina Faso (Barsalogho, Boala, Namissiguima, Pissila and Tougouri). The system is currently being improved with the use of mobile phones, through a partnership between Akvo and SNV.

This enables the communes to better plan and make decision in the sector so as to improve their delivery as clients and contracting authorities (maître d'ouvrage). The development process of this tool granted importance to taking stock from existing practices and giving responsibility to local stakeholders (multi-actors concertation).

The designed tool presents the coverage per village in WASH infrastructures, their functionality and their use. It also gives details on the various stakeholders and their perspectives. Providing statistics on the sector, this tool has been a support for mobilisation and advocacy during the concertation meetings at commune level. SNV introduced it during the large Seminar on Monitoring of decentralised WASH services in West Africa, organised in April 2014 in Ouagadougou by IRC and pS-Eau with the political support of ECOWAS and the Government of Burkina Faso. The seminar brought stakeholders from West Africa up to speed with the latest thinking on WASH monitoring, and provided a venue for emphasising experiences in the field of monitoring WASH services at the municipal level.

In February 2014, SNV signed an agreement with Akvo to enhance this tool with the use of mobile phone (data storage within a cloud, participation of the stakeholders, easier update and availability of data). To launch the initiative and share experience with the main stakeholders of WASH sector in Burkina Faso, SNV organised a workshop in April 2014. The meeting gathered representatives from the concerned communes and regional directions of ministries, and also GIZ, ONEA (National office for Water and Sanitation), IRC, UNICEF, World Bank, etc. This approach created synergies of action and raised interest within the financial partners, in order to go together in the right direction for WASH services quality!

To get more information, please contact SNV Burkina WASH sector.

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