Gender involvment

SNV Ethiopia in its apiculture intervention, in addition to sector development, is promoting women’s involvement as well as products from emerging regions such as Gambella.  

Improving facilities

SNV Ethiopia is assisting households in improving their hygiene and sanitation facilities.

Quick service

Biogas has saved men from waiting until women come home and serve them meal. The technology increased their self-confidence to work in a kitchen.

Maximising milk quality

SNV Ethiopia, contracting a local manufacturer to produce Milk Transportation Container, is helping smallholder dairy farmers maximise the quality and quantity of milk for the container limits contaminants.

Latest news

What if global hunger could be alleviated just by wasting less and finding value in what is tossed out as garbage?

SNV in Ethiopia joined the global community celebrating the Global Hand Washing Day held on 18 November 2014 under the theme "Choose hand washing, choose health".
When Peninah Mamayi got her period last January, she was scared, confused and embarrassed. But like thousands of other girls in the developing world who experience menarche, Mamayi kept quiet.
Enhancing Dairy Growth in Ethiopia is undertaking productivity and quality boosting interventions for smallholder dairy farmers.
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SNV commenced its operations in Ethiopia in the 1970s responding to a call for assistance to address the famine situation in the country. In alignment with the poverty reduction programme, with its emphasis on agriculture led economic development and accelerated MDG achievement (water and energy), SNV focuses on Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene sectors.

Within the above mentioned thematic expertises, we provide advisory services; promote the development and brokering of knowledge and support policy dialogue at national level. We work with local government, NGOs, civil society and private sector organizations. We believe these different actors have distinct and complementary roles in the fight against poverty. To increase the effectiveness of our programmes and our resources, we work in partnership with other development agencies, as well as private and public sector organizations.

>> SNV Ethiopia promises to continue strenghtening Ethiopian orgnaisations
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Country Director


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