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The transition of school feeding in Kenya from the UN’s World Food Programme to the government has gone well.

In Mali, school canteens buy a majority of their rice from abroad. How can PG-HGSF include more local Malian farmers in the school feeding value chain?

SNV and FACT Foundation have collaborated to create a cross-country knowledge base that will promote and support the rapid emergence of productive biogas sectors and markets worldwide.

Livestock breeding occupies about 80% of the rural population and supplies about 30% of jobs with rural zone. It contributes for more than 15% to the GDP; represent 42% of the agricultural GDP.
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SNV has been advising development actors in Mali since 1979 and is a key partner for local authorities and other actors involved in decentralisation processes. We support local partners through a range of services, including Organisational Strengthening, Value Chain Development and Knowledge Networking. SNV's approach uniquely interweaves policy and practices; building partnerships between local, regional and national organisations. We focus our intervention in three lead sectors: Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene.

SNV's activities in Mali are led by Country Director, Jean de Matha Ouedraogo, based in Bamako.


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