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Seven entities came together to sign a new partnership agreement to increase access to and use of biogas in rural areas of Nicaragua. This collaboration aims to improve 830 small and medium sized dairy farmers' knowledge of and access to biodigestors, how they work and their benefits and applications.
SNV proudly announces the launch of a new project known as “Access to Sustainable Markets and Food Security for coffee and cacao growers in Nicaragua”, which sets out to achieve an ambitious goal of improving 5,000 coffee and cacao farmers´ incomes and food security.
For the first time in Nicaragua, masons, engineers, and professors from the National Technological Institute (INATEC) and technical institutions will be trained and certified in the construction, installation, and maintenance of biogas systems (camartec type) by the National Biogas Market Development Programme (PBN) and the La Salle Technological Univesity (ULSA). The training will take place from November 4th through the 15th.
On Monday, October 28, at the La Paz Dairy Farmers´ Federation (FEDELPAZ) facilities, SNV and CAF Latin American Development Bank officially donated a drying machine for malt byproduct, as part of the Inclusive Highway of La Paz-Oruro Programme, in which SNV is developing six inclusive businesses.
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PROCASO Project Video

This video on the Sustainable Quality Programme (PROCASO) narrates from the voice of the beneficiaries the main results of the programme.  PROCASO improved small scale coffee growers´ productivity and incomes and sustainable access to high value markets. It was funded by Solidaridad Foundation with funds from IRISH AID and implemented by SNV. 


SNV began working in Nicaragua in 1992. Our portfolio is strong in agribusiness and value chain development (including coffee, cacao, fruits and vegetables), governance, and renewable energy.

SNV has a solid reputation with government entities, the donor community, NGOs, and the private sector, and has played a key role in facilitating alliances among these stakeholders. Our current staff in Nicaragua include over 30 development professionals and full-time project-based consultants.

Campaign on biogas uses and benefits

SNV, in partnership with Hivos, and funding from the Inter-American Development Bank Multilateral Investment Fund and the Nordic Development Fun, is promoting the access of renewable energy for 6,000 families and rural enterprises in Nicaragua through the Biogas Market Development Programme in Nicaragua. 

Currently, SNV and Hivos are conducting a awareness raising campaign that highlights the uses and benefits of this waste-to-energy technology.

Documentary video on the uses and benefits of biogas systems for families in Nicaragua 

TV  spot

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