Renewable Energy

SNV is improving access to renewable energy for rural communities through projects such the Access to Bioenergy in the Peruvian Amazon project funded by the FACT Foundation.

Inclusive Business

In partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and private companies, SNV Peru´s Inclusive Business work is improving employment for low-income communities through sustainable relationships with the private sector.

Technical and Vocational Education

Through projects like its Grapes of Growth programme, SNV helps youth, women and men in Peru learn skills and gain employment in growing sectors.

Agribusiness- Ventures

Production Projects as an effective strategy for community relations of companies


Tourism Ventures

Tourism as an alternative to community development in Peru


Latest news

Today is World Toilet Day. But what does your toilet mean to you?
With sanitation-related illnesses killing more than 1.5 million children under five every year, handwashing with soap can make a big difference.
New SNV project extends across six South American countries and involves analysing the effectiveness of a programme aimed at improving the conditions of low-income communities.
SNV attended the 2014 20th Session of the Conference of Parties in Lima, Peru.
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SNV began working in Peru in 1966. In addition to a current, robust portfolio in value chain development, Inclusive Business, and renewable energy, SNV has built a reputation in consulting services for firms interested in sustainable, local development. In particular, extractive industry companies have turned to SNV to assist them in evaluating the impact of their community development investments; how to more effectively use their social funds; and to create monitoring and evaluation systems. 

Additionally, we have conducted ethnographic market research, socioeconomic studies, and sector mapping to help companies better understand market opportunities with the low-income segment.

Learn about SNV Peru´s Inclusive Business with Perhusa, a Peruvian coffee company (in Spanish).

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