Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Access to water and sanitation is one of the priorities for both the MDGs and the Rwanda Economic Development Poverty Reduction Strategy. Though Rwanda made great progress and is internationally known for being clean many people still do not have the internationally recommended volumes and quality of water. SNV Rwanda's main focus is on functionality and sustainability of the service provision.

SNV Rwanda has three WASH programmes: 

  1. Functionality of Rural Water Supply services
  2. Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All;
  3. WASH in Schools.

Our activities include strengthening the district officials in planning, implementing and monitoring the WASH activities. In collaboration with local organizations we organize training and learning of private and cooperative operators in maintenance operation of the infrastructure. We also support the districts in implementing and managing the Public Private Partnership contracts including the pricing of water and need for cost recovery. We support local hygiene organizations with social mobilization and hygiene promotion.

WASH in schools we support the set-up of guidelines to monitor the state of hygiene at school level.

Our main partner is Energy Water and Sanitation Authority (EWSA). This authority leads a water and sanitation programme supported by UNICEF in four districts in the Virunga area in northern Rwanda. SNV Rwanda is one of the implementing partners. Together we developed base lines, training / coaching programmes, and a monitoring system. SNV is recognized as playing a major role in the capacity development component of the programme. Over the last years we partnered with AquaVirunga/PWN in the implementation of water and sanitation projects, and we are exploring opportunities to take partnerships with the private sector to a higher level.

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