Improved honey production

The number of active beekeepers has risen in SNV supported provinces, with production also increasing to meet demand for local honey.

Water and sanitation for all

Through new constructions and rehabilitations in Zambia, communities and school children can now access safe water and improved sanitation in the districts supported by SNV.  This work was realised through our engagement with local organisations.

Linking producers to processors

SNV facilitated linkages between rice farmers and processors/buyers in Zambia. Rice farmers are assured of markets for their produce.

Latest news

SNV in Zambia organised a Biogas Field day to demonstrate the possibilities of bio digesters and biogas to government officials, cooperating partners, representatives from financial institutions and farmers
SNV’s SSH4A programme aims to address the sanitation gaps that spread diseases such as diarrhoea.
SNV works with Zambia dairy co-ops so they can chill, bulk, and sell milk from smallholder farmers as well as bring services closer to home.

In 2013, SNV developed a unique set of market-based interventions that are both sustainable and scalable to address the problem of 'last mile delievery' of goods and services in Zambia.

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SNV started operations in Zambia in 1965 shortly after the country’s independence and has been a consistent development partner since then. In alignment with Zambia’s Vision 2030 and its Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP 2011-2015), SNV provides services in three sectors: Renewable Energy; Water Sanitation and Hygiene and Agriculture.

Our work includes advisory services, development and brokering of knowledge, and support policy dialogue to local organizations. The recipients of these services include the public sector, private sector, farmer groups, and civil society organizations. SNV’s activities aim to upscale and have high impact on development. To accomplish this, SNV Zambia works in partnership with the public sector, private sector and other development organisations.

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