What we do

SNV believes impact investing can reduce poverty through innovative market-based solutions. We link small & medium sized enterprises with impact investors.

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Impact Investing defined

Impact Investing is an investment approach that intentionally seeks to create both financial returns and positive social or environmental impacts that are actively measured. This emerging industry falls between philanthropy and commercial capital.

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Advisory services

Impact Investment Advisory Services targets small & medium sized enterprises in emerging markets. We provide pre-, post- and turnaround advisory services to clients and investment pools.

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At SNV, we know it’s about the stories behind the numbers. We therefore support local innovations and entrepreneurial ventures, where it is needed the most.

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About SNV

SNV is an international not-for-profit development organisation. We believe that no-one should have to live in poverty and that all people should have the opportunity to pursue their own sustainable development.

Starting out in the Netherlands nearly 50 years ago, we now work in 39 countries in AfricaAsia, and Latin America.

Our global team of advisors use their specialist expertise in Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene to contribute to solving some of the leading problems facing the world today.


Impact Investing is an effective way of addressing social or environmental challenges while generating financial returns. It is a win-win proposition for investors and society.

SNV’s Impact Investment Advisory Services (SNV IIAS) has been established to target the 'missing middle' - those entrepreneurs in the developing world who fall squarely between microfinance and conventional financing. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the developing world can serve as catalysts for sustainable growth by driving employment and supporting social inclusion. However, the potential of these companies often remains untapped because they lack access to capital. SNV IIAS targets the 'missing middle' by assisting partner funds and SMEs in raising investment capital and technical assistance funding, in addition to providing investment advisory services.

SNV addresses the challenges of enterprises at the Bottom of the Pyramid, by helping impact investors build quality investment portfolios and providing investment-readiness services to SMEs.

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