Coffee and Climate

SNV supports smallholders in Southeast Asia, East Africa and Central America to improve coffee yields while reducing their environmental impacts. 

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Learn about the REDD+ Energy and Agriculture Programme (REAP) in our latest brochure. 

REDD+ news

SNV and Minh Phu Seafood Corporation sign agreement to increase farmer incentives for mangrove conservation through a voluntary Payment for Ecosystem Services mechanism

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New Publication on Implementing Deforestation-Free Supply Chains

SNV recently published a new report which analyses the role of certification standards in halting forest conversion and provides tools for implementing deforestation-free supply chains.

Latest news

SNV and Sustainable Energy and Technology Management (SETM) successfully installed a biomass based gasification unit for rural electrification in the Western Development Region of Nepal.
SNV and Minh Phu Seafood Corporation sign agreement for a Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) mechanism in the shrimp farming sector.
SNV's work with the palm oil company REA Kaltim Plantations Group has been documented in the company’s most recent sustainability report.
Voluntary Sustainability Initiatives have emerged to reduce deforestation from agricultural and timber production
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Welcome to SNV's website on REDD+. SNV has over 40 Advisors working on REDD+ across 14 countries in Africa and Asia. The goal of the REDD+ programme is to support a REDD+ mechanism, which benefits the poor and helps to protect biodiversity.

The projects we work on include supporting the protection of forests by providing incentives for communities to manage these resources; as well as piloting and introducing REDD+ compatible solutions in those sectors driving deforestation and forest degradation, namely the Agriculture and Renewable Energy sectors. SNV established the REDD+ Energy and Agriculture Programme (REAP) to advance understanding of the interface between agriculture and energy use across different forest landscapes in order to support low emission, pro-poor development pathways.

Across the three sectors we are developing Knowledge Products to advance understanding, piloting landscape based interventions and scaling up impact by working with partners and through knowledge platforms. Our three banners above provide further information on our work.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries concerning our projects and subscribe for our newsletter here.


We recently went on a field trip to shoot a documentary on our Mangroves and Markets project (MAM) in the most southern province of Vietnam, Ca Mau. Please click on the video to watch it on YouTube and follow the link in the description to get redirected to the full length documentary:

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