Improved Cook Stove programme targets 100,000

Lao PDR's new 2.3 million Improved Cook Stove programme was launched in Vientiane on February 6.

Funded through the EU Switch Asia programme, the Improved Cook Stove (ICS) programme is a collaboration between Oxfam Novib, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and Lao non-profit Normai (ARMI).

The programme aims to increase the market of efficiency of stoves in Lao PDR by distributing over 100,000 improved cook stoves across  five provinces through a market-based, multi-stakeholder approach. The improved wood- and charcoal-burning Tao Payat ('saving stove') offers a 25% reduction in fuel use, decreasing household fuel expenses, harmful smoke production, time spent gathering fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Led by by EC delegate Dr. Stefan Schleuning, the programme launch took place at the SNV office in Vientiane. The launch was attended by participants from the public, private and civil society sectors in Lao PDR, and included presentations by the Lao Women's Union, the Department of Science and Technology, Oxfam Novib and SNV.

"It is a great achievement by the programme to get awarded with the highly competitive EU Switch Asia funding," Dr. Stefan Schleuning said. "The reason this programme was selected is that it gives true meaning to cross-cutting issues like gender, socio-economic development, production and consumption chains as well as environmental protection and governance."

The ICS programme will be implemented over four years (2013-2016) in collaboration with a wide range of local and international partners, including the Lao Women's Union, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Department of Science and Technology, GERES in Cambodia, Ubon University Thailand and Nexus.

Further information on the Improved Cook Stove programme in Lao PDR is available from Mr Bastiaan Teune,


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