Latin America

Commitment with Latin America

SNV offers more than 40 years of experience in Central and South America. 

Inclusive Public Policy

SNV advance policies, regulations and laws that create an enabling environment for economic and social inclusion.


Financial Inclusion

SNV improves economic opportunities for low-income communities by reducing financial barriers that impede Inclusive Development. We help improve access to credit and assist financial institutions in adapting services and products to meet the needs of nontraditional clients.

Social Empowerment

SNV builds the capacity of low-income communities to actively participate in their own development. In particular, we focus on efforts that empower women, indigenous populations, and young people.

Inclusive Business

SNV Latin America is recognized for its work in Inclusive Business, which connects low-income populations with value chains of medium and large companies in win-win relationships. In Central America, our work linking smallholder coffee growers to export companies has benefitted over 15,400 farmers and their families. Some have increased income by as much as 35%.  Read more...

Our Work

SNV Latin America advances Inclusive Development, engaging the private sector, governments, NGOs and communities to improve economic and social inclusion of low-income populations. We do this through project development and implementation, business planning, and research. 



Our projects include complex multi-country initiatives to link small-scale producers to formal markets; advancing the use of bioenergy in communities; research on mutual value creation; and consulting services to help companies more effectively invest in sustainable community development. 



Our clients include the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, Ford Foundation, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, national and transnational companies, NGOs and government entities. We also partner with renowned consulting firms for project bidding. 


Latest news

SNV provides services that generate a positive impact for climate change adaptation and that contribute to environmentally responsible business practices. SNV is supporting Xstrata Tintaya in reducing its carbon foot print through establishing forest plantations.
The closing ceremony of the Inclusive Business project linking bio-inputs to the milk value chain in Bolivia inaugurates 12 new bio-input production centres.
The Sharing Experiences and Connecting Water Policies Event, with an integrated focus on Watershed Management and Climate Change Adaptation, was held on February 6th and 7th in Tarija, Bolivia, with active participation from the Governments of Tarija, Cochabamba, Chuquisaca and Potosí, Bolivia, represented by the Governors and Secretaries of the area and the Vice Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. The event was supported by the Swiss Cooperation in Bolivia and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation.
Seven entities came together to sign a new partnership agreement to increase access to and use of biogas in rural areas of Nicaragua. This collaboration aims to improve 830 small and medium sized dairy farmers' knowledge of and access to biodigestors, how they work and their benefits and applications.
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El trabajo de SNV en Negocios Inclusivos fue perfilado en el programa de televisión Nicaragua Empresaria. Vea lo que dijeron sobre "Negocios Inclusivos: fuente de ventaja competitiva estratégica!"

Latin America

Over the past years Latin America has made notable economic and social advances.  With an average growth rate of 6.1% in 2010, levels of poverty have fallen 10.9% since 2002. Despite this impressive growth, one of every four Latin Americans live on under $2 a day, and the region has the most unequal income distribution in the world. 

Within this paradox of increasing prosperity and growing inequity, SNV LA contributes to poverty reduction through an Inclusive Development approach, which engages the private sector, donors, governments, NGOs and communities in promoting social and economic inclusion of low-income populations.  We do this by helping companies develop and implement business plans that create equitable linkages with the low-income segment; by advancing the use of renewable energy, such as biogas, at the household and community level;  through working with public entities to create and implement policies that stimulate economic growth; and through the implementation of large-scale projects that advance social and economic inclusion.  Our clients include bilateral and multilateral donors, corporations, governments, and NGOs.

SNV Latin America's Regional Office is based in Quito, Ecuador. We have country programmes and projects and offices with dedicated staff in Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru. Additionally, we have project experience throughout the Latin America region including: Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Panama.

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