Production rate of biogas plants increased

In the first half of 2012, more than 46,000 biogas plants were installed in various countries in Asia and Africa supported by SNV. The table provides an overview of the unofficial production numbers of biogas plants installed in the first half of 2012, as well as cumulative numbers:

The longest running programmes, the Biogas Support Programme (BSP) in Nepal and the Biogas Programme (BPII) in Vietnam, are well on track to exceed by the end of 2012 the total number of installed plants from 2011. 

In Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia, the domestic biogas programmes perform in the first half of 2012 less than forecasted. Still, the Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme managed by Hivos reach a milestone of 5,000 biodigesters in approximately three years of implementation.

The nine African biogas programmes have not witnessed the planned production rates in the first half of 2012 yet, although the country programmes in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Burkina Faso are on track to match the successful production levels of last year. The Kenya Domestic Biogas Programme nearly reached its milestone of 5,000 biogas plants installed since inception in 2009.

Thus far, the countries supported by SNV have installed a total more than 475,000 plants. Financial support was provided by a wide spectrum of national and international organisations including the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS); German Development Bank (KfW) for Nepal and Bangladesh; World Wildlife Fund for Nepal; Blue Moon Fund for Lao PDR, Asian Development Bank for Vietnam and Bhutan; the World Bank for Nepal and Vietnam; Hivos for Indonesia, Cambodia and ABPP countries; People in Need for Cambodia; the Netherlands Finance Development Company (FMO) for Cambodia; and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) for Cambodia and Rwanda. 

The giant biogas countries China and India (April 2010 to March 2011) produced respectively 2.8 million and 150,000 biogas plants in 2011, arriving at impressive cumulative numbers of 42.8 million and 4.5 million units installed. 

Feasibility studies for national programmes on domestic biogas have been conducted by SNV and partners for Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the Philippines, Peru, Bolivia and Honduras and Nicaragua. The programme in Nicaragua will soon start implementation activities, while the other countries are proceeding to secure programme financing.

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