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Vietnam is the first country in the world to use result-based finance with biogas masons who install digesters on farms to turn animal waste into a valuable product for homes and farm fields.
SNV Uganda's School WASH team launch a pupil mentoring manual to bridge the gap caused by high enrolment.
It takes more than magic words to open a market to Prince Tahini, the Middle East's largest tahini maker. Ethiopia's Selam farmers co-op worked hard to prepare—from farm fields to ocean containers, and all the customer contacts and certificates in-between.
Five community grain banks in Ghana have signed contracts with SNV's PG-HGSF in an arrangement that will benefit both smallholder farmers and caterers.
SNV works with Zambia dairy co-ops so they can chill, bulk, and sell milk from smallholder farmers as well as bring services closer to home.
Cambodia is lucky to be hosting two of the 12 current SNV Junior Professionals. The programme aims to give the senior development practitioners of the future a solid grounding in the field, as Giri Khatri and Kirina Thomas explain.

Global Good, Bellevue, Washington, USA, began the commercialisation of an invention to help smallholder dairy farmers maximise the quality and quantity of milk they are able to sell.

As part of an international launch of Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE), a project that is now active in three countries in sub-Saharan Africa, OYE has now been launched in Mozambique’s second largest city Beira for the Beira corridor.

The key to putting the right commodities in the right place could be unlocked as a result of a ground-breaking climate change mapping project using an innovative siting tool, largely from the back

For years, the credo that communities need to organise its own services dominated the rural water supply discussion. But SNV's Rinus van Klinken asks if the community approach can really deliver?


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