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SNV attended the 2014 20TH Session of the Conference of Parties in Lima, Peru.

What if global hunger could be alleviated just by wasting less and finding value in what is tossed out as garbage?

ENRICH is a multi-country project driven by the need to understand methodologies and options for forest carbon stock enhancement. In Laos, the ENRICH project involves close collaboration between SNV, the National University of Laos Faculty of Forestry Science and local villagers.
The Honde valley, Zimbabwe is a beautiful fertile place to grow up in, but the families scattered throughout this area were struggling to make a living from the poor quality, low yield banana crops they were growing.

‘The meat of the poor’ or cowpea legume is a staple crop in Niger, but poor quality post-harvest storage resulted in smallholders losing up to 40% of their crop.

SNV Uganda partners with Sanitation Solutions Group to promote an affordable solution to hygiene challenges - the SaTo latrine pan.
SNV's Jurjen Draaijer, global dairy coordinator with SNV, interviewed with Becky Manning of USAID to explain how SNV is helping small holder farmers in Africa.
At COP20 in Lima, global nations negotiate and shape their contributions to the reduction of carbon emissions.
SNV Nepal has launched two new projects related to sanitation and hygiene that will contribute substantially to the country's effort to achieve its target of universal coverage for sanitation by 2017.
When Peninah Mamayi got her period last January, she was scared, confused and embarrassed. But like thousands of other girls in the developing world who experience menarche, Mamayi kept quiet.


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