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Vice Versa, a leading Dutch magazine for the development sector, today published a front-cover feature story on the success of SNV’s Balkan forestry programme.
This World Water Day, view our photostory to see how SNV is working to improve sanitation and hygiene in Lao PDR.
The Accountable Local Governance Programme contributes to social cohesion and sustainable development in Mali by strengthening the capacity of 600 young leaders.
The MasterCard Foundation and SNV are partners in facilitating access to secure jobs, financial services and skills for young people to grow their own businesses.
SNV offers vocational and business skills training to youth on solar photovoltaics and builds capacity of solar companies to encourage expansion of business in rural and high density urban markets in Zimbabwe.
SNV and Akvo partner to create an innovative technology to trace the supply of oil palm fruit from independent smallholders.
Silvia is a SNV advisor for Nicaragua and Honduras and is constantly balancing benefits and opportunities in a gender inclusive way.
SNV Uganda partners with the European Union to create sustainable economic opportunities for 5,000 youth in West Nile.
SNV showcases the ongoing development of an innovative community mapping toolkit integrating nutrition, water and sanitation, agriculture and gender; as part of our Sustainable Nutrition for All approach.
Dairy co-operatives are empowering Kenya women to #Make It Happen, challenging the socio-cultural status quo for more decison making on farm income and investments.


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