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On behalf of SDC (Swiss Agency for Development & Co-operation), SNV will lead a consortium with AVRDC (The World Vegetable Centre) and Swiss Contact in the Cambodian Horticulture Advancing Income and Nutrition (CHAIN) Project.
Through SNV’s experiences in Cat Tien, important lessons have been learned regarding REDD+ development in Vietnam. Part of these lessons are anaysed and assessed in a new book titled ‘REDD+ on the Ground: A casebook of subnational initiatives.’
SNV Lao PDR advisors share their experience at the 3rd International Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) Conference in Hanoi.
The Improved Cook Stoves Programme in Lao PDR aims to become financially sustainable by the revenues of carbon credits.
80% of Cambodians work in rice paddies, yet earning a secure living from rice growing can be an impossible task for many smallholders, who barely grow enough to feed their own families.
What determines the success of inclusive value chain interventions? SNV and KIT have distilled the key elements for success from projects that achieved change with large-scale impact.
SNV's clean cookstoves programme is helping the Nepal government meet a goal of clean cooking for all by 2017.
Imagine if keeping your livestock healthy, actually harmed your prospect of reaching new markets?
With certain success in mangrove protection integrated with shrimp aquaculture, our project rated #3 among 9 amazing stories.
SNV has developed the Siting Tool to guide sustainable expansion of export-oriented crops (cocoa, coffee, oil palm, etc.) into degraded landscapes.


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