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One of SNV's key strengths is our long-term local presence. With about 50 years of on-the-ground experience, our team of expert local and international advisors brings strong networks and knowledge to all our partnerships. To enable the greatest possible impact and scale in our work, we focus on strong collaborations with partners at all levels - from other international organisations to national and local governments, global corporations and local NGOs.


We work in partnership with a wide range of donors to impact poverty and build capacity worldwide. From bilateral donors such as USAID, AusAID and DFID, to philanthropic foundations and leading corporates, we help our clients achieve their development objectives and make a difference where it matters most.

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We partner with like-minded organisations at the global level - from other international development organisations, to universities, knowledge institutes and global alliances to enable impact at scale and share learning and best practice.

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Local partners

To guarantee that our work has lasting on-the-ground effects, we partner with local organisations in the countries where we work. These partnerships enable capacity transfer to local organisations, while providing the contextual expertise and extended access to local networks needed to acheive meaningful change. Learn more about our local partners on the respective country programme sites.

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Cynthia Hartley
Senior Business Development Manager

Tel: 301-913-2860


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