Revitalising Zimbabwe's agriculture sector

Through the Rural Agriculture Revitalisation Programme, Agro-dealers were linked to wholesellers and manufacturers who provided consignment stock for farm inputs reaching thousands of households in eight rural provinces of Zimbabwe.

Sustainable inclusive agriculture

SNV Nepal's agriculture programmes promotes food security and economic development by providing innovative market-based solutions along major value chains and creating inclusive businesses.

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Feeding development

By working with key actors in the agricultural value chain, SNV empowers Cambodian farmers to make a better living.

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In Mali, school canteens buy a majority of their rice from abroad. How can PG-HGSF include more local Malian farmers in the school feeding value chain?
Helping smallholder farmers achieve their dreams is Uganda's Bududa Yetana Area Co-operative Enterprise with support from SNV.
Vietnam is the first country in the world to use result-based finance with biogas masons who install digesters on farms to turn animal waste into a valuable product for homes and farm fields.

How can SNV optimally contribute to the improvement of national and international organisations’ actions in Niger to stem the repetitive food crisis?

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Agriculture addresses a basic need: Food and nutrition security for a population expected to reach 9.1 billion by 2050. It also offers essential commodities, environmental services, and social goods that facilitate economic development, industrialisation, and diversification.

Yet agriculture also accounts for 70% of water use and <30% of greenhouse gas emissions. It contributes to, and is threatened by, environmental degradation and it will be further impacted by climate change. 

Our challenge is to contribute to ‘making agriculture more sustainable’ by developing knowledge, tools, and solutions that maximise the benefits while minimising the negative impacts of agriculture in the face of a changing climate.

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