Coffee & cacao: big business for Nicaraguan farmers

SNV proudly announces the launch of a new project known as “Access to Sustainable Markets and Food Security for coffee and cacao growers in Nicaragua”, which sets out to achieve an ambitious goal of improving 5,000 coffee and cacao farmers' incomes and food security. In addition to increasing the income of 5,000 small scale coffee and cacao growers and their families, the project will also contribute to poverty reduction by integrating the coffee and cacao sectors, generating new jobs, and positioning Nicaragua in specialty coffee markets. 

This initiative leverages the expertise of the project partners in actively working with participating farmers to strengthen markets, financial services, technological innovation, business development, market and value chain linkages. In particular, project partners will focus on access to specialty markets, improving participating associations´ business management, technical assistance, technological innovation, agricultural diversification, nutritional education.

The project will be implemented in the Nicaraguan Departments of Estelí, Madriz, Nueva Segovia, Matagalpa, Jinotega and Río San Juan through the support of SNV, Exportadora Atlantic of the ECOM Group, the Foundation for Agricultural and Forestry Technological Development (FUNICA), Zamarano Panamerican Agricultural School and the Utz Certified Foundation. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ECOM Group have contributed over €10 million for the project, which will be implemented over the coming five years. 

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For more information, please contact: Judit Vanegas, Communications advisor. 

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