SNV-supported domestic biogas programmes improve life for 2.9 million people.

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Providing homes and work places the solar power they need.

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In a recent programme in Kavre, SNV's Mananging Director for Renewable Energy Andy Wehkamp launched a set of IWM publications which reflect on all the great work we have accomplished in the past years.
Vietnam is the first country in the world to use result-based finance with biogas masons who install digesters on farms to turn animal waste into a valuable product for homes and farm fields.
With over 25 years of experience in renewable energy, SNV disposes of a wealth of publications of which a selection will now be made available on the IRENA Learning Platform (IRELP).
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in Ethiopia is providing technical assistance to biogas masons to set up biogas construction enterprises.
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Renewable energy

At SNV, we consider Renewable Energy as one of the most efficient ways to fight environmental degradation and climate change.

Currently, billions of people are confronted with the challenge of access to affordable and reliable energy. To date, energy development has largely focused on large-scale infrastructure for urban populations, whilst energy poverty has rarely been the entry point for policy development. As a result, small-scale Renewable Energy supply for the needs of rural and peri-urban homes and SMEs, has received little attention or support.

Availability of clean and reliable sources of energy is an essential driver for development: no country in modern times has substantially reduced poverty without a massive increase in its use of energy. In developing countries there is an opportunity to leapfrog energy poverty by realising use of Renewable Energy where there is no access to fossil energy, and SNV is committed to increasing Renewable Energy access, revenue generation, and job creation, while fostering an enabling environment for the development of sound Renewable Energy policies.


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