We focus our capacity building programmes on the topics we deem most relevant in WASH: equity and sustainability of WASH services and accelerating progress - in particular in sanitation.

Our programmes address both the rural and peri-urban WASH subsectors:

  • “Sanitation and Hygiene for All” in Rural and Peri-urban Areas is our dedicated sanitation and hygiene programme for achieving area-wide coverage in rural and peri-urban areas;
  • School WASH tackles the structural causes affecting maintenance and sustainability of WASH services in schools;
  • Functionality of Rural Water Supply Services aims to professionalise rural water supply services and improve service levels;
  • Functionality of Water Supply Services in Small Towns and Peri-urban Areas supports municipal utilities.

Our main objectives in Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Our work in the WASH sector aims to improve the performance of all parties involved. We contribute to improved WASH service delivery, specifically:

1. Access to safe, sufficient and reliable drinking water supply;
2. Access to improved sanitation;
3. Sustained positive change in hygiene behaviour.


SNV intervenes in the rural, small town and peri-urban WASH subsectors. Our focus is on sustainability of existing water infrastructure and behavioural change. We do not construct large infrastructure. Target groups consist of national governments, local governments, the private sector, and civil society.

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