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We believe that Renewable Energy is a critical element in the fight against environmental degradation and climate change. Read about our Climate Change engagement

Clean, safe, and environmentally-friendly cook stoves

Clean cook stoves, a valuable investment for women entrepreneurs. Read more

Biogas Programmes: clean cooking, lighting, and more

SNV coordinates national Biogas programmes in Asia, Africa, and Latin America Read more...

Solar technology for job creation

SNV supports solar technology projects to illuminate communities and create job opportunities for the youth and rural populations Read more…

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The annual consumption of 20 thousand slits of wood was left behind in the farm of Mr. Carlos Pineda, at El Almendro, Rio San Juan, after he installed a biogas system of 13 cubic meters. "If I had bought the firewood, it represented an investment of almost 50,000 cordobas (US $ 1.851) per year," said Pineda.
Construction began on the new Improved Cook Stoves production facilities at the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre. This new collaboration aims to provide income opportunities for women, while at the same time opening up the market for improved stoves.
The Open Source Improved Cookstoves initiative aims to improve the quality and number of stoves produced by bringing builders together.
SNV recently started the implementation of a sustainable coal project in DRC, in accordance with the national REDD+ strategy and the national Sustainable Energy for All Strategy.
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Renewable energy

Currently, over a billion people face the challenge of accessing affordable and reliable energy. In developing economies, energy policies are largely focused on large-scale infrastructure for urban populations, whilst energy poverty is rarely the entry point for policy development. As a result, small-scale supply of energy for the needs of rural and peri-urban homes and small and medium enterprises, has received little attention or support.

The availability of clean and reliable sources of energy is an essential part of economic development and poverty reduction. Leapfrogging energy poverty can be done by offering renewable energy options where there is no access to fossil energy. SNV Renewable Energy strives for sustainable access and use of clean energy for all. Our solutions encourage green jobs and low-carbon growth to improve lives, increase value, and reduce emissions.



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