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SNV’s innovative Inclusive Business approach is working with 5,000 small holder farmers and their families to bring quality Nicaraguan coffee and cacao to new markets,earning them a better price for their product.
SNV Mozambique organised a week long train-the-trainer session for Business Development Service (BDS) providers.
The Inclusive Business Accelerator is a partnership between BoPInc, SNV and VC4Africa, which facilitates the acceleration of impactful entrepreneurship in Base of the Pyramid markets.
An SNV study, affirmed by local stakeholders, concludes that deficiencies in Cambodia’s cassava production can be fixed if people work together.
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Learn more about the logic behind the Inclusive Business model.

Vietnam Business Challenge Fund

Inclusive Business

SNV advances economic development and socio-economic inclusion through the Inclusive Business model. This innovative approach seeks to increase the income, production and well-being of low-income groups, while at the same time, generating benefits for participating companies. 

Through developing Inclusive Business commercial models that involve low-income groups in the value chain of a medium or large company as producers, distributors or consumers, SNV helps companies improve their supply chains, strengthen their human resources and access new markets. Low-income participants benefit by gaining reliable buyers and fair prices for their products, from new jobs and from access to affordable, quality goods and services.

SNV has developed more than 140 Inclusive Business projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa working with companies in sectors ranging from agribusiness to renewable energy to food products, tourism, and commerce to construction, among others.

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