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"Everyone in this area earned a decent living from natural scallops.

Pitching is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. You need to have a solid pitch to convince partners, clients and most importantly, investors. Learn how to do this during the online bootcamp organised by IB Accelerator in July.
SNV was an event partner at the 2nd Responsible Business Forum on Food and Agriculture which convenes 350 leaders from ASEAN governments, international businesses, financial institutions and agricultural associations, to help shape a more sustainable future for food and agriculture in ASEAN.
In the Bao Yen, Lao Cai province, hundreds of farmers grow Japonica rice DS1 for improved incomes as part of a pilot programme with a large seed company, and supported by Vietnam Business Challenge Fund.
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Learn more about the logic behind the Inclusive Business model.

Vietnam Business Challenge Fund

Inclusive Business

SNV advances economic development and socio-economic inclusion through the Inclusive Business model. This innovative approach seeks to increase the income, production and well-being of low-income groups, while at the same time, generating benefits for participating companies. 

Through developing Inclusive Business commercial models that involve low-income groups in the value chain of a medium or large company as producers, distributors or consumers, SNV helps companies improve their supply chains, strengthen their human resources and access new markets. Low-income participants benefit by gaining reliable buyers and fair prices for their products, from new jobs and from access to affordable, quality goods and services.

SNV has developed more than 140 Inclusive Business projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa working with companies in sectors ranging from agribusiness to renewable energy to food products, tourism, and commerce to construction, among others.

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